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Welcome to Indian Classifieds. Here you can buy or sell your car, bur or sell realestate and property, find out about migration, learn to speak English, make money from the internet, send free sms, download Hindi and Tamil songs and lyrics and find marriage proposals and use the yellow pages and white pages.

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Welcome to the India web directory where you can find any service in India. Submit your directory to be included in the biggest Indian network. Search through many categories and thousands and thousands of sites to find what you need.

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Get a bachelor's degree, masters or PhD from a foreign university. There are many prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, Australia and USA that take foreign students. You will need to apply and gain entry to a course before you can apply for a student visa. Courses in engineering, computer science, law, arts usually cost around 40,000 USD for tuition fees and will go on for 3 to 4 years. You just need to pass A-levels. Medical degrees and dentistry are much more expensive and last about 7 years. You can cover the cost of living by part time work in a supermarket or petrol station etc. Part time rates are susually about 20USD per hour, and there are limits to how many hours a week you can work on a student visa - usually 20 hours a week. You will need to show assets worth about 5 million rupees to enroll in a course and get a student visa. Laywers and agents may be able to help. Scholarships are available to students but you must have high academic achievement.

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